Bil’in is a small village on the border of the state of Israel and Palestine (The West Bank). Since 1991, in addition to the construction of the seperation wall, the Israeli government has illegally annexed close to 60% of Bil’in land for Jewish settlements. In 2005 documents revealed the illegality of the Jewish stellments on the land. The Israeli Supreme Court unanimuosly adjudicated that the wall path is predudicial to Bil’in land and must be altered. The decision should have allowed Bil’in to recoup close to 50% (about 100 hectares) of their land, yet nothing has been done and the Jewish settlers remain. For the past 6 years since the court ruling, the local residents have marched from the village centre down to the seperation wall each Friday, week-in-week-out to protest the injustice of the Israeli occupation and the settlements on Bil’in land.